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Preliminary program

Thursday April 21, 2016
Sports injuries in wrist
13.30-13.40Frans Nollet
13.40-14.10Babette Pluim & athlete, Inger van Dijkman


Ulnar sided wrist pain in a tennis player

14.10-14.50Milko de Jonge meets Liesbeth Lim


Wrist and hand pathology in athletes:  which imaging to choose?

14.50-15.10Maryam Shahabpour
MRI of wrist in athletes—ulnar sided wrist pain
15.10-15.30Tea break
15.30-15.50Cees-Rein van den Hoogenband
Medical organisation Dutch Olympic Committee
15.50-16.10Jan Gielen
Radial sided wrist pain in athletes: Imaging and differential diagnosis
16.10-16.30Miryam Obdeijn
Physical wrist examination
16.30-17.00Scientific session
– Zaneta Nitek
– Vincent Gouttebarge
– Daan van de Pol
17.00-17.30Maryam Shahabpour vs Simon Strackee
MR arthrography is mandatory


Friday  April 22, 2016
08.45-09.05Floor Kappelhof & Tessa Veldhuis


Multi traumatized athlete

09.05-10.40Gino Kerkhoffs—live surgery
moderators: Mario Maas en Sjoerd Stufkens)
– anterior ankle arthroscopy
– posterior ankle arthroscopy
10.40-11.00Coffee break
11.00-11.20David Wilson
Imaging of ankle injuries
11.20-11.40Apostolos Karantanas
Sports injuries of foot: Imaging and
differential  diagnosis
11.40-12.00Niek van Dijk
Walking on water
12.00-12.30Pieter Parie
Imaging emotions in professional collaboration
Friday April 22, 2016
Hip & groin
13.30-14.00Don de Winter
Sports injury assessment on the pitch
14.00-14.45Phil Robinson meets Adam Weir
Painful groin: how can radiology assist sports physician optimally
14.45.-15.05Edwin Goedhart
Sports and concussion
15.05-15.30Tea break
15.30-15.50Gabor Linthorst
Failures in medicine: peer support as new initiative
15.50-16.10Igor Tak
Hip impingement and young soccer athletes
16.10-16.30Ernest Schilders
Groin injuries; a clinician’s point of view
16.30-17.10Scientific session
– Gwen Vuurberg
– Laura Kox
– Jos Oudeman
– Sjoerd Stufkens
Saturday April 23, 2016
Bone & muscle injuries
09.00-09.30Kees van Dijke & Joost van der Hoek
Radiology and top level soccer: shared experiences
09.30-09.50Gina Allen
Imaging of muscle injury—US
09.50-10.10Josef Kramer
Imaging of muscle injury—MRI
10.10-10.40Coffee break
10.40-11.00Evert Verhagen
Amsterdam as International Olympic Expert Center
11.00-11.20Rolf Peters
Hamstring surgery
11.20-11.40Roald Otten
Hamstring recovery: role of physical therapy
11.40-12.00Guus Reurink
Bye bye MRI
12.00-12.15Mario Maas
Closing remarks